Blog 2

Upon absorbing the ideas addressed within the three articles and the video, I see a common thread, which is using the information that is at our fingertips (including our students’ fingertips) to enhance what we do and learn on a daily basis.  While the YouTube video, “InfoWhelm and Information Fluency,” more or less poses the questions and makes the viewer really think about how many resources are available to our students, the articles dive into how to organize that information and use it.

Specifically, Alexander and Barseghian both explain how they each have a system.  Alexander describes his system for sifting through information on a daily basis, while Barseghian discusses ways that she allows her students to use that information to “free” themselves, if you will, and to take charge of their own learning.

While Lirenman does not explain the “how” quite as well, she does pose an interesting point on the importance of using the technology we have, even if it’s overwhelming at first, and using it to enhance the learning in our classrooms instead of just using it for the sake of using it.



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